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Our Story


Meethi is a passion project that aims to recreate the magical mithai recipes that we all love and have grown up eating but forgot over the years. It is a humble attempt to deliver handmade classic mithai to you.

Meethi offers mithai which is 100% natural, handcrafted and innovative. Every preparation is a result of unwavering artistic passion. The brand celebrates the age-old traditional art of making mithai, believes in originally sourced produce, and employs no artificial additives, stabilizers, or preservatives. Hidden recipes recreated using the finest of ingredients is Meethi’s USP and strict quality control is the biggest strength. With over two decades of experience of running popular food and beverage concepts, Meethi’s founding members bring professional expertise that very few brands can match.

Meethi wants to bring back the magic of non fusion sweets and get people to celebrate over milk cakes and traditional mithais again like they have always done. The finest natural ingredients and our appetite for excellence make Meethi, the most premium luxury Mithai brand in the Indian market. We take customisation requests into consideration and deliver to several locations across India.


Innovation that Ignites Your Sweet Tooth


Sweetness with a Conscience


Taste the Timelessness in Every Bite